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Upgrading Flamingo Informal Settlement

By Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) Tucked between Lansdowne’s industrial warehouses and timber depots lies Flamingo Crescent, an informal settlement situated on a street by the same name. On a walkabout through its smoke and dust-filled pathways, community leaders would tell you that Flamingo is home to about 450 people who reside in 104 […]

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2014 UCT – Europe Community Studio: Spatial Development Framework

By Thandeka Tshabalala (on behalf of CORC) Over the last four months Europe community members and Masters students of Urban and Regional Planning at the University of Cape Town (UCT) collaborated on a joint planning studio to address some of the community’s most pressing concerns. Together, they began by conducting a site analysis and researching […]

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National Community Exchange – Durban to Cape Town (Part 1)

By Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) Informal settlement leaders from Kenville and Foreman Road in Durban are mobilising their communities to upgrade their settlements with better services and improved spatial layouts. Last week’s exchange to Cape Town (29 April – 2 May 2014) therefore presented a first-hand opportunity for them to draw insights from fellow […]

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Official Handover of Kuku Town Re-blocking

By Walter Fieuw and Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) There is a growing recognition that services need to be delivered to informal settlements in new ways. Such new approaches should aim at building community capacity through participatory planning, design and service implementation. Informal settlements are characterised by very different shapes and sizes, ranging from […]

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Building Partnerships: Comic Relief vice chair and film director Richard Curtis visits SA Alliance

By Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) Last week, the South African Shack Dwellers Alliance welcomed Comic Relief vice-chair and film director/producer/writer Richard Curtis with his wife, Emma Freud, and family at the Cape Town office. Before arriving he told his children, “Today I’m meeting the people I work for”. As a renowned film-maker, Curtis […]

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Rethinking ‘successful’ cities – SA SDI Alliance wins runner-up at Ingenuity Awards 2013

By Yolande Hendler (on behalf of CORC) If “the most successful cities will be those that embrace ground-breaking solutions to meet the changing needs of their citizens” (Ingenuity Awards) the question really is: What constitutes a  ‘successful’ city – and ‘ground-breaking’ solutions? In a time of mass urbanisation these questions caught the attention of the […]

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