Mobilisation and capacitation of community organisations around their own resources and knowledge is FEDUP and ISN’s approach for securing delivery and deepening democracy. This is in contrast to the traditional process of mobilisation against external threats. Mobilisation is the process whereby regional leaders introduce the network and its core activities to new communities. Contact is made with the settlement through a number of entry points. Firstly, a leadership committee representing the interests of a street or block, crises task team, or general civic-related interests contact ISN / is contacted by ISN. Secondly, the councillor might request a briefing in the context of city-wide partnerships with local municipalities. Thirdly, the general assembly in a settlement might request the capacitation of leadership networks in their settlement.

Mobilisation involves general governance matters relating to community organisation and preparation for development. At such meetings, the relevant stakeholders are organised and strengthened around certain core values and beliefs that take on their own meaning in each settlement context. This creates a strong local resource base which recognises and builds on the inherent qualities of the community’s particular political and social goals and agendas. This movement of local movements is changing the way local government is engaging with communities and the prospects for a true representation from below are tangible. ­­­

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